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Extract from President Johnson’s statement on the death of Dr. King, 8 April 1968
(Catalogue ref: FCO 7/865)

No words of ours -- and no words of mine -- can fill the void of the eloquent voice that has been stilled.

But this I do believe deeply:

The dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., has not died with him. Men who are white -- men who are black -- must and will now join together as never in the past to let all the forces of divisiveness know that America shall not be ruled by the bullet, but only by the ballot of free and of just men.

In these years, we have moved toward opening the way of hope and opportunity and justice in this country.

We have rolled away some of the stones -- of inaction, of indifference, and of injustice.

Our work is not yet done. But we have begun.

We must move with urgency, with resolve, and with new energy in the Congress, in the courts, in the White House, the State houses and the city halls of the nation, where ever there is leadership, political leadership -- leadership in the churches, in the homes, in the schools, in the institutions of higher learning -- until we do overcome.

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