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Extract on preparations for world war, from a communist journal published in Europe for International Women’s Day, 1933
(Catalogue ref: FO 371/17244, ‘Better Work Among Women!’, D Manuilsky, ‘International Press Correspondence’, 13:9, 27 February 1933)

In this respect, the enterprises preparing arms and military equipment are particularly prominent. In the capitalist countries, these factories are overloaded with orders. The imperialists are preparing for a new world war. They are striving by means of war to solve the deep contradictions which have accumulated between the various countries and coalitions of imperialist states. Above all they are preparing for military intervention in the U.S.S.R. with the aim of destroying this fortress of the international proletariat, this living example of the great achievements which can be attained by the proletariat when they throw off the yoke of capital.

This menace to peace by the capitalist countries has never been so serious as it is now. In the Far East, imperialist Japan has attacked China, and is in possession of a considerable part of Chinese territory. Feverish preparations for war are taking place in Europe and the U.S.A. “Little” wars are taking place unceasingly in Latin America. These wars are the prelude to the struggle for the new partitioning of the world. In preparing for the new world war and intervention in the U.S.S.R., the capitalists are interested in ensuring the uninterrupted work of munitions factories, especially during war time. For this reason, there has been recently an increased process of replacing the labour of adult men by the labour of women and children.

Capitalist rationalisation is acting in the same direction in all branches of industry. It is leading to the replacement of the labour of skilled workers by the unskilled labour of women, youth and children. The capitalists have inexhaustible reserves of such labour power. The crisis, poverty and unemployment compel women and children to accept the worst and most degrading conditions of work. As the result there is a general reduction in the wage fund. As the result there is a terrible reduction of the standard of living of working class families, an unprecedented growth of prostitution, of the number of homeless children.

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