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Extract from an Immediate Interpretation Report, 18 February 1945, detailing damage in Dresden
(Catalogue ref: AIR 40/803)

Source 2a

Within the areas described, damage to public and administrative buildings is very severe, and a number of unidentified industrial buildings, some of which are still burning, are also involved. Other damage includes one of the main railway stations, and two of the bridges across the river. Of these latter, the Carola Bridge is holed and probably unserviceable, the Augustus Bridge is holed, although probably partly serviceable, and there is probable damage to the rail bridge crossing the river. In addition, barracks in the town have been seriously affected.

Details of damage are as follows:


A.G. fur Cartounagenindustrie (paper for munitions) slightly damaged. Brauerei Waldschlosschen, partly gutted and still burning. Unidentified factories West of Altstadt: severely damaged – some are still burning.

The following are severely damaged or gutted:

Public Buildings

Law Courts
Land Gericht
Carola Ministerien (containing the Ministries of Justice, Finance and Culture)
Rathaus (Neustadt)
Central Market Hall
Slaughterhouse (still burning)
Johannstadt Hospital
Municipal Hospital
Kunstgewerbe Schule and Museum
Museum of Arts and Crafts
Opera House
Academy of Arts
[missing word] Archiv

Source 2b

Public Services

Electricity Station, Johannstadt
Central Police Station
Post office, Johannstadt


Elbe Barracks, Johannstadt
Alto Grenadier-Kaserne, Neustadt (slight damage)


Wettinor Strasse Station
Carola Bridge holed and unserviceable.
Augustus Bridge holed but partly serviceable.
Rail Bridge probably damaged at Southern abutment.

(Prints 4069-4102)

This report is subject to correction and amplification from a more detailed assessment.

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