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December 1934 Dispute at Wal-Wal between Italians and Abyssinians
April 1935 Stresa Pact signed between Britain, France and Italy, uniting them against German rearmament
October 1935 100,000 Italian troops enter Abyssinia from the north. Adowa taken after 2 days of bombing, with only one Italian casualty
November 1935 Southern Abyssinian leader, Afework, killed
December 1935 Italians use mustard gas in victory at Dolo. Abyssinians counter-attack and Italians retreat 12 miles. Hoare and Laval prepare the Hoare-Laval Plan, giving Mussolini two-thirds of Abyssinia
January 1936 Italians use mustard gas at the battle of Tembien
February 1936 Italians use artillery to bring victory at Amba Aradam
March 1936 Last major Abyssinian army defeated. Haile Selassie's personal army defeated and survivors trapped by a lake and attacked with gas and bombs. Meanwhile, Hitler reoccupies the Rhineland
April 1936 Italian tanks and armoured cars take control over more Abyssinian regions without opposition
May 1936 Haile Selassie flees Abyssinia. Italian troops enter Addis Ababa. Victor Emanuel, the King of Italy, declared the new Emperor of Abyssinia
November 1936 Rome-Berlin Axis - Mussolini and Hitler sign an agreement