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source three
Extracts on the success of the first Five Year Plan, from a summary of a speech given by Stalin on 7 January 1933
(Catalogue ref: FO 371/17254)
FO 371/17254; extracts on the success of the first Five Year Plan, 1933


  1. According to Stalin, what have been the successes of the first Five Year Plan?

  2. Why did they move forward with the Plan so quickly?

  3. How was the second Five Year Plan different to the first one?

  4. How could you, as a historian, find out if Stalin’s claims are true?

  5. What conclusions about the success of the Five Year Plans can you draw from this source?

  6. Stalin spoke at the assembly of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) and the speech was published in the Communist newspaper Pravda a few days later. What do you think was the purpose of the speech?

  7. The Foreign Office in Britain had this English summary of the speech by 12 January 1933. Why do you think they were so keen to know how Stalin’s Plans were working?