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source two
Scenes from a 1936 Italian documentary, showing events in Abyssinia
(Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum: COI 36)
IWM COI 36; Italian film, 1936 IWM COI 36; Italian film, 1936
2a 2b              
IWM COI 36; Italian film, 1936


  1. In source 2a, what is being transported?

  2. Why do you think they had to do this?

  3. Why do you think the film maker shot this to show Italians back home in Italy?

  4. Source 2b shows scenes of fighting. If you were an observer at the time, would you have been impressed by the might of the Italian army? Explain your answer.

  5. The Abyssinian War was an opportunity for Mussolini to show the world the strength of the Italian army. What images are used in this film to show that strength?

  6. How accurate was it for Mussolini to claim that Italy had won "the greatest colonial war in the history of the world"?