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source three
Two drafts of a letter from Churchill on area bombing, 28 March 1945 and 1 April 1945
(Catalogue ref: CAB 120/303)
CAB 120/303; letter from Churchill, 1945 CAB 120/303; letter from Churchill, 1945
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CAB 120/303; letter from Churchill, 1945


  1. What is Churchill's view of the bombing of Dresden, according to this source?

  2. Why does Churchill seem to be concerned about terror bombing?

  3. What does Churchill feel should be the target of bombing raids?

  4. What reasons might Churchill have had for writing a message showing his opposition to the Dresden raid?

  5. Does this source prove that Churchill was not responsible for the policy of area bombing?

  6. What is different in the wording of the two drafts?

  7. The first draft of the letter was never sent. Why do you think Churchill rewrote this letter before sending it?