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Write an article on the anniversary of King’s death

You are a British reporter covering the first anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination. It is your job to write a newspaper article assessing his life and death.

Stage 1: Research

Read carefully all the sources in the case study on the death of Martin Luther King. Use the Background and the Timeline as well.

Stage 2: Reporting

Write your article. What is your headline? What are the main comments that you want to make? Try to cover the following points:

  • Give King’s full name and date and place of death.
  • Give some background on King (his education, job, family).
  • How was he killed, who did it, and was the killer caught?
  • Recount some of the main events and things King did in his life.
  • What did he achieve? (Think about campaigns he led, speeches he made, awards he received, and so on.)
  • What impact did he have on people? (Think about politicians, civil rights campaigners, Southerners against civil rights, and ordinary people.)
  • What was the contribution of Martin Luther King to the civil rights movement?
  • Why is King still remembered?
  • What made his life so special?
  • Would things have been different had he never lived?