Empire Home Front - How did the war affect people's lives?

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41 Tothill Street,

CCB.L.S.1/41 London, S.W.1.

30th October, 1941


W.V.S. co-operation on Publicity.

An appeal has been made by the Ministry of Labour to national women's organisations to help to make known the urgent need for women. The part W.V.S. can play is important. Where, therefore, the W.V.S. is asked to assist locally they should do all that they can, provided that the Local Authority concurs. It will, of course, be realised that the claims of Civil Defence come first.

Because of the increasing demands on man-power for the armed forces, the enrolment of women in industry and in the Women's Auxiliary Services has become a vital necessity. The war's successful end depends more and more upon the immediate enrolment of women in the national effort. No healthy woman, whether she be of registration age or not, is any longer justified in holding back unless her family responsibilities are so heavy that she cannot leave them. Many women are still under the impression that their own individual contribution is not a matter of vital moment to the country; some feel that if the Government really wants them they can call them up; some are willing to be fetched but not to go. Women in the main do not realise how serious is the problem. Women must release men and take men's jobs. Older women can release younger women for service with the auxiliary forces or the more strenuous work and they must do all this NOW.