Home Front Everyday Life timeline
1939 23 November The final date to register for ration books.
1940 8 January Rationing of ham, bacon and sugar begins.
March Meat starts to be rationed.
3 April Lord Woolton appointed Minister of Food.

Margarine and cooking fat start to be rationed.

No more timber is available for furniture

1941 June

Rationing of clothes introduced.

Control of egg sales starts.

Utility goods are introduced.

August Shortage of goods causes upsurge in the black market.
November Milk distribution starts to be controlled.

Dried milk starts to be made available.

Point schemes added to the ration allowances.

1942 January Britain experiences a serious shortage of all goods.

Soap rationing is introduced.

The clothes ration is reduced to 48 coupons per year.

March Start of fuel rationing.
April White bread is no longer produced.
June Restaurants allowed to charge a maximum of 25p per meal.
August Introduction of utility furniture.
1943 January

Whale meat and barracuda goes on sale in fish shops.

After the War   Bread rationing continues until 1948.