Home Front British Empire timeline
1939 3 September The Prime Minister of Australia announces the Proclamation of War.
December The Trinidad Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve is formed to carry out patrol work and help distribute supplies to the islands of the West Indies.
1940 June The British Cabinet discuss the evacuation of women and children from Hong Kong. Eventually over 2,000 people are evacuated from Hong Kong.
  First troops from Cyprus arrive in France.
Summer Men in the Royal West African Frontier Force arrived in Kenya to participate in the East African campaign.
Autumn - Winter Aircraft from Italy start a bombing campaign in Malta.
1941 6 June Australia allows married women to be employed by the Commonwealth Public Service for the first time.
June The African Auxiliary Pioneer Corps is formed to serve in the Middle East.
Autumn - Winter Malaya introduces petrol rationing.
8 December Japan invades Malaya.
25 December Japan captures Hong Kong.
1942 3 January Japan captures Manila.
15 February Japan captures Singapore.
19 February Japan attacks the port of Darwin in Australia.
15 April The island of Malta is awarded the George Cross in recognition of its 'heroism and devotion'.
1943 April Australia reduces the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph to reduce wear on tyres.