Home Front Bombing of Britain timeline
1938 September

Crisis sparked by German plans regarding Czechoslovakia.

The crisis prompts the development of air raid precaution plans, including the digging of trenches in London parks for use as shelters.

1939 Summer

Huge increase in British spending on air raid precautions. Many air raid shelters are built.

3 September Britain and France declare war on Germany following the invasion of Poland.
September Mass evacuation from British towns and cities begins. The absence of bombing raids convinces many people to return home.
1940 July Germany begins bombing attacks upon Britain.
August Germany tries to cripple the RAF in a series of attacks. It becomes known as the 'Battle of Britain'.
September The Blitz starts as 300 German bombers attack London docks.
September - December Many towns and cities are bombed heavily.
1941 January - May The Blitz continues until the Luftwaffe are withdrawn to prepare for German invasion of Russia.
June - December Bombing of Britain continues but is less severe.
1942 April The Germans carry out bombing raids on historic British cities, including York, Exeter, Norwich and Bath. These raids are known as the 'Baedeker raids'. Many people are killed or injured and a great deal of damage to property is inflicted.
1943 Winter - Spring 'Hit and run' raids by German aircraft cause many deaths and considerable damage.
3 March The disaster at Bethnal Green Tube Station results in the death of 173 people.
1944 June - September V1 'flying bomb' attacks are made against Britain. Heavy casualties occur until the RAF discovers how to stop these bombs. The attacks prompt another mass evacuation from Lodon.
8 September The first V2 rocket attacks on Britain cause heavy damage and much destruction.
Autumn The threat from V2 rockets causes the government to draw up plans to abandon London. The plans are never needed as the Allies capture the rocket sites.
1945 January - March V2 rocket attacks become less frequent as Germany faces defeat.
27 March The last V2 rocket attack on Britain takes place.
8 May Victory in Europe Day.