Learning Curve, The Great War
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Useful notes: Source6
Letter from the BBC to the Home Office on broadcasting Remembrance Day ceremonies on radio, 1924
(Catalogue ref: HO 45/11557)
  • This letter is a response from the BBC to a letter written by an official in the Home Office refusing the BBC permission to broadcast the Armistice Day ceremonies in that year.
  • Armistice Day was on 11 November. It is now known as Remembrance Day.
  • The reasons given for refusing were that the ceremony was meant to be personal and that people who could not go to London for the ceremonies could go to a similar event near to them. The government also believed that it would not be appropriate to have the BBC broadcasting during the two minutes period of silence.
  • Soon after this, the BBC was given permission to broadcast the events - and other public events as well. The official Remembrance Day ceremonies are still broadcast by the BBC today.
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