Learning Curve, The Great War
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Useful notes: Source2
A list of suggested inscriptions put forward by the public for the Cenotaph, 1919
(Catalogue ref: WORK 20/139)
  • The whole aim of the Cenotaph and the peace parade, which took place in 1919, was that it should belong to all the people of the country.
  • The government and the newspapers made their plans for the ceremony very public and consulted people about the ceremony and the monument.
  • The original plan was for the Cenotaph to be temporary, but public demand meant that it became permanent.
  • The Cenotaph's final inscription simply said 'To The Glorious Dead'. The architect felt that this simple phrase respected all those killed in the war. He was aware, for example, that a Christian inscription might not be appropriate for the many Indian troops who fell serving the British Empire in the war.
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