Learning Curve, The Great War
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Useful notes: Source1
An agreement reached at a conference of Allied commanders, April 1918
(Catalogue ref: WO 32/5596)
  • At the time of this agreement, 4 April 1918, the situation was looking very bleak for the Allies (Britain and the Empire, France and the USA).
  • In early 1918, Russia pulled out of the war. This freed up large numbers of German troops for an attack on the western front before the main American army could arrive.
  • The Germans unleashed five devastating offensives that captured large amounts of French territory and threatened to divide the French, British and US armies. The offensives began in late March 1918 and continued until mid-July.
  • At the time of this conference, the German advances were at their peak. This is why the Allies were meeting to set up a system of co-ordinating their forces so that they could work together effectively against the German attacks.
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