Learning Curve, The Great War
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Useful notes: Source4
Report in 1917 of the award of Victoria Crosses to soldiers for actions on 25 April 1915
(Catalogue ref: WO 32/4995)
  • This document announces the award of Victoria Crosses to soldiers of the Lancashire Fusiliers.
  • It also provides some useful information about the fierce fighting that took place when the British and Allied forces tried to storm Gallipoli.
  • After the failed naval operation of 18 March, the British commanders decided to launch an amphibious attack (a combined attack by land and sea) on 22 March.
  • On 25 April, there were combined landings by the French forces at Kum Kale, ANZAC forces at ANZAC Cove and British forces at Cape Helles.
  • The Allied troops met fierce and well-organised opposition and extremely difficult terrain. Despite this, they were able to gain footholds on Gallipoli and began to bring more troops and equipment in to carry on the campaign.
  • There were very heavy losses when the troops came ashore. These losses continued after the initial landings. The Turks tried several times on 26 April to beat back the Allies, but they were unable to remove them.
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