Learning Curve, The Great War
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Useful notes: Source3
Photographs of air warfare
(Catalogue ref: a. MUN 5/302, b. AIR 1/2411/303/4/20)
  • The use of aircraft developed enormously during the course of the Great War.
  • Source 3a, a photograph taken in 1917, gives a typical view of the use of aircraft. Their main value was in providing information to artillery gunners and to commanders about enemy positions. There were often aircraft flying over the battlefield doing this vital job.
  • Source 3b shows aircraft from the British de Havilland company. De Havilland and many other companies produced many different types of aircraft during the war.
  • Later in the war, especially in 1918, the role of aircraft developed further. Planes played an important role in attacking German forces on the ground. The British also used them to drop supplies of ammunition and equipment to units of advancing troops so that they did not have to wait for slow supply wagons.
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