Learning Curve, The Great War
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Useful notes: Source5
Posters published in Cornwall concerning recruitment, September 1914
(Catalogue ref: HO 45/10741/263275)
  • This is a fascinating pair of sources from the early months of the war. As this case study shows, there were plenty of materials being published both for and against the war in 1914.
  • Source 5a is a fairly typical anti-war poster published by an organisation that felt the ordinary workers would do all the fighting and dying in the war and the bosses and politicians would get all the rewards.
  • It seems likely that the poster had little impact. At the same time as it came out, Britain actually got the highest number of volunteers for the armed forces.
  • Source 5b shows the reaction of Edward Clogg to the poster. He was a grocer in the town of Looe and showed the poster to some friends. It then got spread around quickly.
  • The police traced the poster to him and considered prosecuting him for interfering with recruitment. In the end, the case was dropped. However, Clogg decided to show how patriotic he was by paying for the poster in source 5b.
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