Learning Curve, The Great War
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Useful notes: Source6
German views on the events of 1914 concerning Belgium, reported in 1915
(Catalogue ref: FO 881/10520)
  • In this document Foreign Office officials are sending back a report of an interview by the German Chancellor Bethmann Hollweg with an American newspaper in 1915.
  • At this time the war was underway, but America was not involved. This report shows what the German Chancellor said to the American press about the events of 1914.
  • He was trying to correct an impression given in 1914 that Germany regarded the Treaty of London as simply a scrap of paper. Instead he was accusing Britain of treating it like a scrap of paper.
  • The general tone of the article is that Britain was being hypocritical. Bethmann Hollweg believed Britain was already committed to fighting against Germany long before 1914. Belgium was simply used as an excuse to make it look as though Britain respected treaties and international agreements.
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