Learning Curve, The Great War
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Transcript: Source2
A list of suggested inscriptions put forward by the public for the Cenotaph, 1919
(Catalogue ref: WORK 20/139)

Source 2a

"The clods of battle-fields are red
With Immortality; the Dead
In their magnificence arise
To shine before us through the skies".

Source 2b

"The Souls of the Righteous are in the hand of God".
(Wisdom I.13).

Source 2c

(A) "This simple stone proclaims from age to age,
Their triumph is the whole world's heritage".
(B) "They held the seas, they saved the lands; our all:
Honour them, praise them, salute them withal".
(C) "Their supreme sacrifice preserved for the world Freedom's Heritage".
(D) "Ambassadors of Freedom's just renown,
They for a common cause their lives laid down".
(E) "When Darkness falls we forget not thee,
Dawn breaks, and thou art still remembered".
(F) "Like wheat that is sown they fell and died,
Nor Death immortal fame to them denied".
(G) "They live in name and fame, though not in life".

Source 2d

"Oh! ye who mourn in ceaseless pain,
  Be comforted.
They died for England; lives their name,
Emblazoned on the scroll of fame".

Source 2e

"They've gone, but still a memory held dear
By those who've lost remains. The battle's won
And those who lived through that great Hellish sphere
Return triumphant. But thee men who've done
As much, and died a soldier's death "out there",
We cannot thank except but humble prayer.
So one and all we thank you for your share,
And ever will remember – you were men".

"T'is scarcely understood how, in your prime,
The sacrifice you made to save the name,
Of England, and you've won in Foreign clime,
A wooden cross, and man's eternal fame.
But now a grateful nation does its best
To understand endurance at the test,
And prays to God your noble souls may rest
In everlasting peace henceforth – Amen".

Source 2f

"To the ever living memory of the men and
women who, in the late 5 years long war, begun and
prolonged by the Germans in wanton lust of power
and plunder and with bestial savageness and
treachery till then incredible, victoriously
sacrificed their lives for the life and honour
of Britain and mankind: to each and all of them,
in sorrow, and in gratitude and pride, we dedicate
and consecrate this shrine".
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