Learning Curve, The Great War
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Transcript: Source1
Extracts from the French proposals for a peace treaty with Germany, 1 December 1918
(Catalogue ref: CAB 1/27)
Source 1a

Preliminaries of Peace with Germany.

There are three essential problems which must be solved in order to reconcile the necessary strategic guarantees with the principle of the rights of People

(1) Guarantees regarding the left bank of the Rhine (military neutralisation without political interference).

(2) Complete restoration of Poland (which will deal a final blow to Prussian hegemony).

(3) The future Government of Germany (in con- formity with the right of nations to the free choice of their own system of Government). ...

Source 1b

1. Territorial Clauses.

These conditions will indicate the new frontiers of Germany under the form of restitution of those provinces which Prussia had unjustly incorporated either in her own territory or in that of the German Empire:

A. Restitution to France of the provinces of Germany and Lorraine seized from France in 1815 and 1871 with the slight modifications of frontier shown by Marshal Foch (valley of the Queich, of the Rhine at Landau extended along the watershed forming the northern boundary of the Bassin de la Serre).

B. Cession to the reconstituted State of Poland of the Polish districts of Prussia, of Posnania, and of Upper Silesia as well as access to the Baltic …

Source 1c

C. Restitution to Denmark of the Danish territories of Schleswig.

D. Rectification of the Belgian frontier in the district of Malmedy.

E. Freeing of the economic status of Luxemburg from any connection with Germany …

F. Cession by the German Government of its sovereign rights over German oversea possessions.

G. Recognition by Germany of the French pro- tectorate over Morocco in its entirety and with the elimination of all rights conferred on Germany by the Act of Algeciras and other Treaties.

H. Recognition by Germany of Great Britain's protectorate over Egypt.

I. Recognition by Germany of the States formed out of the territories of the former Russian and Austro Hungarian Empires, in the same form and con- ditions as the Allies.

J. Abrogation of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and of all conventions concluded with any authorities constituted within, or in the name of, territories or populations comprised in the former Russian Empire including Finland. …

Source 1d

II. Clauses of reparations restitutions and guarantees.

Generally, all damage occasioned by the war either in Allied territories which have been occupied by German troops and which have been subjected to bombardment by the German Fleet or aeroplanes, or by sea as the result of German action, to be made good at the expense of the German Government.

Neutral States can on demand be admitted to enjoy the advantages of this clause.

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