Learning Curve, The Great War
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Transcript: Source4
A report on Canadian troops, with photographs, 1915-17
(a. The National Archives: PRO 30/57/51, b. Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum: CO 2196A, c. Imperial War Museum: Q442)

Source 4a

My corps has been reinforced by the Canadian Divn which I have put into the line to take the place of the 7th Divn thus enabling me to take out two Brigds of the 7th and two of the 8 for a well earned rest before they undertake the offensive. I am rather pleased with the Canadians. They are magnificent material as you know and they are quick to pick up new conditions and to see the tricks of the trade in trench warfare. They have now been in the trenches nearly a week without getting into trouble or having more than the normal rate of casualties. Of course some of their officers are weak and their staff work is none of the best but we can correct the latter by practice whilst the former can always be replaced if it is really found necessary.

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