Learning Curve, The Great War
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Transcript: Source2
Extracts from battle reports during the second Battle of Ypres in April 1915
(Catalogue ref: CAB 45/154)

Source 2a 3.14 pm

2nd Bde to 1st Cdn. Div.
Following message received from O.C. 8th Bn.
Section 2.
Begins. Have just returned from reconnaissance with Kirkaldy. We went along ridge to support 48th Highlanders in S.W. corner D.1.c. 48th and 5th Royals were holding line 700 yards in original front trench then bends back to L judge about Cross Roads in C.6.b. Houses just North and North West of this point must be occupied by Germans as we got snipers enfilade fire from that direction. Reserve 48th Highlanders Hqrs is in ST. JULIEN. 7th Bn. about C.12.b. German shells were falling in road C.12.b. apparently coming from North. German line appears to be from C.6.a. to Wood C.10.d. All quiet in my front. Visited artillery observation station in North East corner D.7.d. is empty. Arranged disposition of 7th company in locality "C" in case northern flank 3rd Bde was pushed in. Message ends.

Source 2b 3.15 pm

15th Bn. to 3rd Bde.
My reserve trenches were very heavily shelled during night and morning. I have not been able to ascertain the casualties. About 1.30 p.m. the enemy subjected my regiment to a very heavy bombardment alternating the reserve, the support and the fire trenches, the latter being submitted to howitzer fire for sometime, evidently preparing for an attack. About 2.00 p.m. enemy began throwing asphyxiating gasses. This was carried on for sometime but my men held fast and enemy showed great reluctance to attack. Finally they attacked and were repulsed easily. After being repulsed the enemy again took, up the shelling but has been quiet for the last 15 minutes. My casualties in forward trenches very slight but have no figures available yet. The thirteenth I understand are falling back on our left and digging themselves in. Will help them in all possible ways. Men and Officers behaved splendidly. Having been unable to ration last night instructed men to consume iron rations. I will ration tonight for two days and would ask that iron rations be supplied immediately to replace consumed one.

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