Learning Curve, The Great War
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Transcript: Source6
Images relating to the development of tanks, 1916-18
(Catalogue ref: a. & c. The National Archives MUN 5/394, b. Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum, ART 3539)

Source 6a

No. 57. "Big Willie" (also called "Centipede" or "Mother" Tank) Jan. 1916.

[The photo shows a tank climbing up a hill in a woodland setting.]

Source 6b

is a travelling fortress
that clears the way for
our soldiers.

It cuts through the wire - under fire
It saves lives
It is our War discovery
It is a matter of pride to help to
build Tanks.

[The poster is an illustration of three tanks in a battle scene, with explosions nearby. They leave behind them barbed wire and muddy ground, and are followed by foot soldiers carrying rifles with bayonets.]

Source 6c

No. 91. Whippet or Medium "A" Tank.

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