Learning Curve, The Great War
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Transcript: Source5
Posters published in Cornwall concerning recruitment, September 1914
(Catalogue ref: HO 45/10741/263275)
Source 5a
Your King & Country Need You!
"Your King and Country Need You!"

Ah! Men of the Country, you are re-
membered. Neither the King, nor the
Country, nor the picture papers had really
forgotten you. When your master tried
to cut your wages down – did you think
he knew of your beautiful brave heart?
When you were unemployed – did you
think your Country had forgotten you?
When the military were used against you
in the strike – did you wonder if your King
was quite in love with you? Did you?
. . . . Ah! foolish one.

"Your King and Country Need You!"

Need hundreds of thousands of you
to go to hell and to do the work of hell.
The Commandment says: "Thou shalt
not kill." Pooh! What does it matter?
Commandments, like treaties, were made
to be broken. Ask your parson: he will

"Your King and Country Need You!"

Go forth, little soldier! Though you
know not what you fight for – go forth!
Though you have no grievance against
your German brother – go forth and kill
him! Though you may know he has a
wife and family dependent upon him – go
forth and slay him; he is only a German
dog. Will he not kill you if he gets a
chance? Of course he will.
He is being told the same story!

"Your King and Country Need Him!"

Source 5b

A VERY few Copies of a small slip
having been circulated in Looe,
headed "Your King and Country
Need You," scoffing at the present
demand for men to enlist, I desire
publicly to express my sincere regret
that I have been the means of circulating
the same.

The sentiments expressed I entirely
repudiate. I handed the slips, which
came to me by post, to a few friends
rather as a joke that otherwise, and I
wish to associate myself most fully with
all the measures being taken for the
defence of our beloved country.

Fore Street, Looe.
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