Learning Curve, The Great War
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Transcript: Source1
Resolutions of Labour Party branches concerning the war, August-September 1914
(Catalogue ref: PRO 30/69/1234)
Source 1a
42 Wharf Rd
Dear Comrade  

           "I am instructed to forward the following resolution which was carried unanimously at our branch meeting.

"That the members of this branch desire to thank Mr J. R. MacDonald and Mr J. Keir Hardie for their manly and brave opposition to the policy which has led to the participation of Great Britain in the terrible war now raging on the Continent."
Faithfully Yours
T. E. Merrifield
Hon Sec
Mr. J. R. Macdonald
House of Commons

Source 1b
[On Independent Labour Party headed notepaper, Southend-on-Sea branch. Dated August 5th, 1914]
Mr J. R. MacDonald.

Dear Sir

I am instructed by my Branch to thank you and the Labour Party for the attitude which you have taken up concerning the European war, and the position therein of the British nation. I am also instructed to inform you that my Executive Committee has passed the following resolution:-

"That the Southend Branch of the Independent
"Labour Party strongly protests against the European
"war now in progress, which it regards as a
"natural result of methods of secret diplomacy. It
"calls upon the representatives of the people to use
"the utmost weight of their influence to prevent
"further spreading of the sphere of hostilities ...
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