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1. Conflict and controversy 1. Changing views on the Great War Background Worksheet
2. Why did Britain go to war in 1914? 1. Did Britain see Germany as a threat? Background Worksheet
2. Did Britain go to war over Belgium?
3. Did public opinion drag Britain into war?
3. The trench experience 1. Weapons and warfare Background 1 Worksheet
2. Over the top Background 2
3. An allied army Background 3
4. Daily grind Background 4
4. Lions led by donkeys? 1. Officers and men Background 1 Worksheet
2. Gallipoli, 1915 Background 2
3. The Somme, 1916 Background 3
4. The hundred days, 1918 Background 4
5. Why was it so hard to make peace? 1. What did the different leaders want from the Treaty of Versailles? Background 1 Worksheet
2. How did the various sides react to the Treaty of Versailles? Background 2
6. How has the Great War been remembered? 1. Remembering the Great War: Then   Worksheet
2. Remembering the Great War: Now

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