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How has the Great War been remembered?

Your task is to evaluate the different ways in which the Great War has been remembered.

Choose 3 different examples of Great War memorials.

  • The first will come from case study 1: Remembering the Great War: Then
  • The second will come from case study 2: Remembering the Great War: Now
  • The third will be a memorial that you have found. It could be a monument, an event, a website, a TV programme, a re-enactment group or some other memorial.

Look at each memorial and make a judgement on whether you personally approve of it.

Use our recording sheet to put down your thoughts. Open the recording sheet and print it out or save it to your computer. Then you can fill it in.

If you want to take this subject further, you could do research on any connections which your family, your school or your town have with the Great War. You could even design your own memorial.

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