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Remembering the Great War: Now

The Great War is still important to many people today. Some remember the war because they lost family members. Others remember the sacrifices made. Some simply find it a moving and interesting historical subject. Others benefit from charities that were originally set up to help people affected by the Great War.

In this case study, the sources are web sites. Each site relates to an organisation, activity or approach that remembers the Great War in some way. When you have studied them, choose which one of these you will evaluate as part of the main task in this gallery (see the worksheet).

Plan your work and present conclusions with this worksheet.

Veteran at a National Archives open day
1 The Western Front Association This website opens in a new browser window
This association sets outs its aims very clearly on its home page. As you browse the site, you will find information about them and also about the Great War.
4 The Birmingham Pals This website opens in a new browser window
This is a website run by an enthusiast whose grandfather served in the Great War.
2 The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal This website opens in a new browser window
The Royal British Legion was set up at the end of the Great War to help ex-soldiers and their families. It still does this work today. In particular, click on the link to their 'Media Centre'.
    5 People's Century: Killing Fields This website opens in a new browser window
This is the outline of a TV programme about the Great War.
3 The Commonwealth War Graves Commission This website opens in a new browser window
This organisation was set up to take care of the graves of Commonwealth servicemen and women from the Great War and the wars that followed. Start with the page called 'About the CWGC'.
6 English HeritageThis website opens in a new browser window
See a wide collection of original photographs relating to all aspects of the First World War.
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