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source 8 Useful notes 
Diagram showing the deployment of German forces on the western front between July and November 1916
(Catalogue ref: WO 153/1258)
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  WO 153/1258; diagram of German forces on the western front, July - Nov 1916  

How to use this source:

Study this source carefully. It contains information that could be useful in your presentation. As you study the source, ask yourself:

  • One of the main aims of the Somme attack was to draw German troops away from their assault on the French at Verdun. Does this source suggest that aim was achieved?
  • Another aim of the Somme attack was to kill large numbers of German troops and wear the Germans down. Does this source help to analyse whether that aim was achieved?
  • Haig originally wanted to attack through Flanders rather than the Somme. Does this source help to explain why?
  • Will you use this source in your presentation?
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