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Report in 1917 of the award of Victoria Crosses to soldiers for actions on 25 April 1915
(Catalogue ref: WO 32/4995)
WO 32/4995; 1917 report of award of VCs for heroism in 1915

How to use this source:

Study this source carefully. It contains information that could be useful in your presentation. As you study the source, ask yourself:

  • Which soldiers were awarded the Victoria Cross?
  • Which regiment did they come from?
  • What does this source tell you about the dangers the troops faced at Gallipoli?
  • Does this source suggest that the soldiers performed well under fire?
  • Does the source suggest that the VC winners were completely exceptional?
  • Why were the two VC winners unable to collect their medals and what does this suggest about the nature of the fighting at Gallipoli?
  • Will you use this source in your presentation?

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