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Casualty list for the 57th Wilde's Rifles after an attack in May 1915
(Catalogue ref: WO 95/3923)
WO 95/3923; casualty list, 1915

How to use this source:

Study this source carefully. It contains information that could be useful in your presentation on life in the trenches. As you study the source, ask yourself:

  • What does this source tell you about the different troops fighting in the British forces?
  • What does this source tell you about the dangers faced by soldiers on the western front?
  • Which sources in this case study are particularly useful when used in combination with this source?
  • Which aspects of trench warfare does this source provide information on?
  • How could this source be used in your final presentation?

2. Explain whether you think this source gives a positive or negative view of the empire.

3. Are you going to use this source in your own online exhibition?

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