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Posters published in Cornwall concerning recruitment, September 1914
(Catalogue ref: HO 45/10741/263275)
  5a   5b                  
  5a   5b                  
HO 45/10741/263275; poster on recruitment, 1914

How to use this source:

Study this source carefully. There are details in this source that will help you to answer the key question. As you study the source, ask yourself:

  • Study source 5a carefully. It is extremely sarcastic. According to this source, how do the King and Country feel about the ordinary working man?
  • How does it support its view?
  • What is the attitude of this source towards the war?
  • Study source 5b. It was published by the man who spread copies of source 5a around the town of Looe. Why does he regret his actions?
  • Why did he pass source 5a around?
  • What does this suggest about how people felt about the war?
  • Edwin Clogg actually paid for source 5b to be printed and posted up around the town. What does this tell you about him?

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