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Dig For Victory

Description of film

An appeal to everyone during wartime to Dig for victory' by cultivating vegetables for the good of the country and their own better health.


The tide of war was beginning to turn in 1942 in Britain's favour. However, German U-boats still threatened Britain's supply lines and saving food or growing more food was still very important.

Interesting or important points about the film

This film is interesting in that its emphasis is more on why growing your own food is good for you rather than being good for the country. It is also mainly focused on gardening tools and techniques. It may be that government felt by this stage of the war that it was more useful to give people practical advice than it was to ask them to do their bit without telling them how.

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Sub categoryWorld War Two
FilmDig For Victory
SourceCrown Copyright
ProducerSponsor: Ministry of Information and Ministry of Agriculture Production: Spectator