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Heart of Britain

Description of film

This film shows scenes of devastation after a bombing raid on a British city, probably London in 1941. Dramatic music composed by Beethoven provides the sound track for these scenes of destruction.


The British government assumed that British cities would be bombed heavily as soon as war broke out in 1939. In fact, it was not until 1940-41 that the really heavy bombing of British cities began. Once it did begin, however, the attack was relentless and became known as the Blitz. The destruction shown here was repeated in most of Britain's major cities.

Interesting or important points about the film

Clearly this is a piece of propaganda. The scenes of devastation were designed to remind people of the ruthlessness of the enemy they faced. The music was probably intended to create an upbeat feel and make people determined to resist at all costs.

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Further information
Sub categoryWorld War Two
FilmHeart of Britain
SourceIWM UKY 269
ProducerCrown Film Unit: sponsor: Ministry of Information
DateJanuary 1941