Transcript: British Government document called 'The Programme for Film Propaganda' produced in January 1940

(Catalogue ref: INF 1/867)

The Themes of our propaganda (Minister's memorandum 4) are:-

  1. What Britain is fighting for.
  2. How Britain fights.
  3. The need for sacrifices if the fight is to be won.


I. What Britain is fighting for. This can be treated in

  1. Feature films
  2. Documentaries
  3. Cartoons

(a) The main subjects of feature films can be:-

  1. British life and character, showing our independence, toughness of fibre, sympathy with the under dog, etc


(ii) British ideas and institution. Ideals such as freedom and institutions such as parliamentary government can be made the main subject of a drama or treated historically. It might be possible to do a great film on the history of British liberty and its repercussions in the world