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Focus on Film Focus on Series

Activity 1: Life in the trenches – is our Tommy talking sense?

This activity allows for the comparison of a dramatic reconstruction with original sources. An actor plays the role of Private Henry Fairhurst, who served as a soldier in the Bradford Pals battalion during World War One. As part of this activity students can see clips of the actor discussing his research for the role.


In this activity decide whether you would recommend the reconstructions of Henry′s life as a good source of information on the Great War. Each clip shows Henry discussing a different aspect of life in the trenches, compare what he says with the documentary evidence provided and decide on the accuracy of the reconstruction. Record your comments on the Summary sheet (PDF, 16KB) which can be printed out.

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Follow up

If you are interested in watching how the actor researched for his role as Henry, you can view interview clips on the Learning Curve site.