How was the information collected

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'The enumerator endures some chaff'
From 1851 the Census has been taken in the same way. The country was divided into a number of districts, each with its own enumerator. Each household was given a form to fill in. On the day after the Census night, the enumerator visited all the houses in his area to collect the forms. If the form had not been filled in properly or if the householder was illiterate, the enumerator filled it in. The information on the forms was then copied into an enumerator's book, which was then sent to the Census Office in London.  

At the Census Office, the information in the books was checked for accuracy. Other clerks then went through the books getting different kinds of information. For example, one clerk could get information on ages, another on jobs and another on birthplaces etc. This information was then put into tables and used in the Census Report.

The same basic way of collecting information is still in use today, although computers are now used to do the work.


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