Teachers Notes

The Focus On Census is designed to provide information about what the Census is and an opportunity to see how it can be used.

What is the Census?
This section provides a clear introduction to the Census. The section finishes with an interactive quiz.

Why is it taken?
This section looks at the history of Census taking in Britain and the wider world. It also finishes with an interactive quiz.

Using the Census
This section shows how the Census can be used to study local history and where you need to go to access the Census returns. It includes a full page of a Census return, which can be investigated column by column. There is a drag and drop activity in the 'professions' column.

Your Turn
This section has a case study of how to use Census returns. It begins with a Census map, focuses down to street level, then a photograph of the street. Some of the houses in the photograph can then be clicked on to reveal the Census return for that house. Once the Census return is visible, a set of questions appears alongside, that guide the user through interpreting the return, and lead them to reaching a conclusion about the occupants of the house.