Valor Ecclesiasticus illuminated initial, 1535 - E344/22 f2

Helper notes and answers

In 1534, Henry VIII appointed himself head of the Church in England. He also passed a law so that all taxes on Church income were paid to the Crown (not the Pope). Henry commissioned the Valor Ecclesiasticus (Value of the Church) so he would know how much wealth the Church had in England and Wales – and how much he could get his hands on. The information was used to decide which monasteries should be closed. The dissolution of the monasteries started in 1536 and their assets went to the Crown. It was a major demonstration of the power of the king.

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  • What can you see in the image?
  • Who do you think it is in the centre? How do you know?
  • What words would you use to describe him in this picture?
  • Why do you think he has chosen to show himself in this way?