COPY 1/381 Sandown Isle of Wight 1887 and COPY 1/377 (227) Paddling at Bognor Regis 1886

For some people packing to go on holiday is a boring chore but to others it is exciting. Who does the holiday packing at home? What would be on your packing list for a beach holiday?

Today we might expect to pack things like swimming costumes, sun cream, towels, buckets and spades, something to listen to or read, games, deckchairs, inflatables. People take so much to the beach! What did people take to the seaside in the 19th century?
Look at documents COPY 1/377 (227) and COPY 1/381.

  • Point to and talk about all the things you find interesting or surprising in these two photographs.
  • How did children have fun at the seaside in the 19th century?
  • Choose one of the photographs and think about all the different sounds you would hear if you were there.