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Extracts from the Better Government of India Bill, passed by the British Parliament in 1858
(Catalogue ref: PRO 30/12/22 pt1)
  • This document shows extracts from the Better Government of India Bill, which became law in 1858.
  • The law was passed after the great rebellion in India against British rule, which was often called 'The Indian Mutiny' (see source 3 in this case study).
  • Many government ministers felt that the rebellion had been caused by the policies of the British East India Company. As a result, the Bill took control of India away from the East India Company.
  • As these extracts show, Her Majesty Queen Victoria now ruled India. Of course, this meant it was actually ruled by the British government on a day-to-day basis.
  • The sections in this extract show the transfer of India to rule by the government, and the way in which India was to be run.
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