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A poster entitled 'Advance Australia' produced in 1901
(Catalogue ref: COPY 1/179)
  • This picture shows a poster produced in Australia in 1901. In that year Australia became a fully self-governing state, although it did not technically become fully independent until 1931.
  • The aim of this poster is to show that Australia was looking forward confidently to its future. However, it also wanted to show that Australia still valued its connection with the British empire. The two figures at the centre of the poster are King Edward VII (Queen Victoria died in 1901) and his wife.
  • By this time there was a debate going on in Australia about the running of the country. Most Australians wanted Australia to rule itself, rather than be ruled from London.
  • However, most Australians also wanted to keep the connection with the British empire. This was not true of all Australians. Many wanted Australia to become an independent republic. Some Australians descended from Irish emigrants were especially strong republicans.
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