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A British poster from 1927 called 'Jungles Today Are Gold Mines Tomorrow'
(Catalogue ref: CO 956/501)
  • The Empire Marketing Board produced this poster in 1927. The Empire Marketing Board was a government department whose job was to promote trade between Britain and the empire.
  • The primary aim of the poster was to get people to buy goods from empire countries. Another aim was to get British businesses to look for markets in empire countries and to see if there were goods they could buy from empire countries.
  • Today, it is easy to misinterpret this source. It may look as though the poster is encouraging the exploitation of African countries. In fact, the poster is trying to show that trade with Britain has helped to develop these countries and could help to develop them further. At the same time, the poster is saying that by buying goods from African countries, Britain would be creating good links and potential customers for British businesses in these countries.
  • This is a government poster, so it is quite possible that some African countries were exploited and the poster fails to mention this.
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