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Letter from a land agent in Tralee to the British government in Dublin on opinions in Ireland towards the British, 1919
(Catalogue ref: PREM 1/231)
Hussey, Denny & Huggard, Telephone No 95.
Now William Huggard, F.S.I. Telegraphic Address “Agents Tralee”
House & Land Agent. Estate Office,
Chancery Receiver. Tralee.
Chartered Surveyor. 19th March 1919.
Commissioner for Oaths.  


I beg respectfully to bring to your notice, the fact, that on Saturday last, St Patrick's day, an army of young men, all or nearly all of Military age, most of them wearing Sinn Fein badges, and numbering 320, marched through the Streets of Tralee, headed by two bands, and at one or two points, cheering loudly for "Easter Week" of 1916. I presume you are aware that an extreme Anti-British spirit is growing rapidly amongst the lower and working classes, due in great measure to the belief amongst them, that the Government are afraid to deal with them, and due to the manner in which the Rebels were and are supported and represented in Parliament. As a humble member of the community, I beg to say that the Law-abiding and Loyal subjects, are living in daily fear of an outbreak of some kind, and many are surprised that in a time of War, when the Empire is threatened, an Army of men should be allowed to march "four deep" through the public Streets, and demonstrate their feelings by badges and cheers as they have done, and gathering in recruits for the Sinn Fein or Gaelic League forces, both of which are thoroughly Anti-British; and allow me to say without fear or contradiction from those who know the Country Districts, that the hatred of everything English, which was nourished under the late Regime in Ireland, is becoming more general and more pronounced every day; and I think the humblest member of the Community, as a loyal subject of His Majesty, has a right to expect the Government to deal with that which is a daily menace to the peace and well-being of His Majesty's subjects.

I am,
Your obedient Servant.
(Sgd) Wm. Huggard

The Right Hon, The Chief Secretary.
The Castle. Dublin.
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