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Leaflet published by the Irish Republican movement, Sinn Fein, in 1917
(Catalogue ref: CO 904/161)
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Work for a Sinn Fein Branch.

When one or two men or more want to start a branch, let them find out, either locally, or from the Secretary, Sinn Fein, 6 Harcourt Street, Dublin, where the nearest branches are. It is advisable to have a branch in each electoral district, but if there is already one in any such district, consult the Executive should it be desired to start more than one in the same centre. Where no branch already exists, get 10 or more adults to start a branch, affiliate with the Executive, and get to work. Any place of meeting will do - indoors or out: let the working expenses be light, so that all funds you may get will be available to the utmost for elections and propaganda work.

The first thing to be done by Sinn Fein now is to win every possible representative position - Parliamentary, County Council, Corporation, Urban and District Council, and Poor Law Board.

We cannot speak with full effect in the name and on behalf of Ireland till we win the preponderating majority of these positions, especially the Parliamentary. ......

The chief activity of each branch, apart from electoral organisation, should be extending Sinn Fein propaganda. Leaflets and pamphlets dealing with all phases of the movement can be had at a low cost from the Secretary. ......

Source 7b

The one thing above all others that branches should propagate is the firm resolve of Ireland to achieve Independence, and to become once more a Sovereign Nation.

To this end, the difference between Sinn Fein and Parliamentarianism should be reasoned out with our fellow countrymen, and an intense Nationalism be advocated rather than any condemnation of the failures of Parliamentarianism, which is to be chiefly condemned for being false doctrine, and therefore not to be countenanced by Sinn Fein, any more than Unionism.
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