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Secret telegram from the Viceroy of India to the British government commenting on Indian nationalist leader Gandhi in 1943
(Catalogue ref: PREM 4/49/3)
Gandhi's fast. I have kept Phillips in touch with developments and have given him e.g., advance notice of Gandhi's decision to fast, of Government of India's statement, and of resignation of my three colleagues yesterday. This morning he asked to see me, saying that he had a message. I agreed and saw him this afternoon.

2. On my receiving him he hand (?omission) me a message signed "Hull" in the following terms. Begins: "President Roosevelt and I suggest that you seek an (?informal) interview with the Viceroy and convey to him an expression of our deep concern over political crisis in India. Please express to His Excellency our hope that a means may be discovered to avoid the deterioration of the situation which would be almost certain to occur if Gandhi dies". Ends.
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