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The end of the British empire - Ghana
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Messages celebrating Ghana's independence day in 1957
(Catalogue ref: DO 35/6183)
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We have rejoiced with Ghana in its newly acquired independence, we have paid tribute to the wisdom and statesmanship which have characterized Ghana's transition to full membership in the family of nations we have noted with deep satisfaction that the feelings of friendship and mutual advantage which have accompanied this transition will be continued through Ghana's participation as free and equal member of the great British Commonwealth of Nations. Ends.

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Begins. As I leave Ghana I salute it for its wisdom moderation and vision for the future. I also salute the farsightedness and sense of mission which have motivated the Government of the United Kingdom in the course of action which it has followed. I am confident that these same considerations will continue to characterize the relationship between the two countries and that the entire free world, as well as Ghana and the British Commonwealth, will be the gainers. I know I speak for the President and the Government of the United States and for the American peoples in saying that we wish Ghana success in the course which she has charted.
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