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Canadian report about the Statute of Westminster, 1931
(Catalogue ref: DO 127/10)
Vol. 67. - No. 71

House of Commons Debates
Official Report - Unrevised Edition

Tuesday, June 30, 1931 ......

Statute of Westminster

It is right and proper to set out in introduction to this act, that the Crown is the symbol of the free association of the members of the British Commonwealth of Nations, and they are united by a common loyalty to the Crown. In accord with the established relationship of all the members of the Commonwealth, any change in the law regarding the succession to the throne or the royal style and titles shall in future require the consent of the Parliaments of all the Dominions as well as that of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. [This means that no changes will be made in Britain to the way the Crown is passed from one monarch to another without the agreement of the Dominions.]

In accord with the established constitutional position, no law made by the Parliament of the United Kingdom in future shall extend to any of the Dominions as part of the law of that Dominion other than at the request and with the consent of that Dominion.

The Colonial Laws Validity Act, 1865, shall not apply to any law made after this Act is passed. [This means that any law passed in the British Parliament will not be law in the Dominions unless the Dominions want it to become a law.]

After this Act comes into action, no law passed in the Dominion Parliaments shall be invalid or inoperative on the ground that is it against the law of England, or against the terms of any Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom, or against any order, rule or regulation made under any such Act. The powers of the Parliament of a Dominion shall include the power to repeal or amend any such act, order, rule or regulation that has become part of the law of the Dominion. [This means that no law passed in any of the Dominion Parliaments can be made illegal because the British Parliament says so. The Dominion Parliaments can get rid of any laws passed in Britain in the past that applied to a Dominion.]

It is hereby declared and enacted that the Parliament of a Dominion has full power to make laws having extra-territorial operation.

No Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom passed after the start of this Act shall extend to a Dominion as part of the law of that Dominion unless it is stated in that Act that the Dominion has requested and consented to it.
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