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Extracts from a report published in 1915 on the work of the Dr Barnardo's charity
(Catalogue ref: HO 144/1118)
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The Raw Material.
The Finished Article.


Source 8b

The Raw Material & what can made of it

Jack's history was a very sad one. He had no home life. We cannot, for his sake, give details. We received him when he was 11 years old, and, after schooling, taught him the trade of a Compositor. We also looked after his physical training, as indicated by the dumb-bells and clubs.

Nine years ago he was emigrated to Canada, where he is following his trade, and is also a Volunteer in the Q.O.R.

Jack came to see us when his Regiment was visiting England recently, and the photo shows him as he is to-day.

This is a case of "what might have been" and "what he is" - a credit to the Homes and to his Country.

And the COST? Only 16 per annum for maintenance and training, and 10 for emigration expenses.


Source 8c

Nobody's Children or -

Our Charter is:- "No destitute child ever refused admission," and this is what we attempt, viz., to admit every destitute child who knocks at our doors throughout the country. There are no barriers and there is no red-tape if the child is destitute. That is the one condition. No Golden Key is required to unlock the door.

Our admissions average 9 per working day. Think what it means to have nine children added to your family every day! These children, if not received by us, would probably become a charge upon the State.

And what do we do with these Little Ones? Not pauperise them; but we endeavour to make them self-reliant, God-fearing Citizens and Empire-Builders.


Source 8d

Empire Builders?

We teach the boys Trades and the girls domestic pursuits, to fit them for the Battle of Life; and we place large numbers of them in situations in England. Others we emigrate to the Colonies, chiefly to Canada. It is wise in some cases, if our training is to be permanent, to place the ocean between the child and its earlier surroundings; for having once rescued the child we do not want it to drift back to the condition from which we rescued it.

Ninety-eight per cent. of our Emigrants do well, thus proving that our training is on the right basis. This is Empire-Building work of the best kind.
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